Tinker & Kevin

As my pups are not getting older (Tinker, the black one will be 5 and Kevin the black & white one, will be 4), I wanted to say how great it is that my dogs have been on your raw diet for most of their life (since we adopted them)! We got Tinker from you at about 8 months old and we got Kevin via at 3 months.

Now that they are getting older, I can see the long term benefits of the raw diet you sell.

You’ll note how white Kevin’s teeth are and how shiny Tinker’s coat is. Their eyes are clear and of course there is the poop factor (or lack of poop). I love that this diet is completely balanced, it’s easy to feed, they love the food, the don’t have stinky gas and their poop does not stink up the yard and for large dogs (75lbs and 50lbs) there is very little poop…I know their bodies are using almost everything they eat. Of course, there are additional treats we get from you…they both wait patiently every day for the dehydrated chicken feet and Kevin drools when he gets windpipes. I’m so glad there is a ‘one stop shop’ for a balanced raw diet. I know people do it themselves but I’d rather get it from you and pay a little extra to know it’s perfectly balanced. We’ll be customers for many years to come! Thanks for a great and truly all natural product.

Thanks for researching, resourcing and selling this fabulous food!

 – April