Hi Susan,

I’m sending you this email to let you know how much we love your raw dog food. Our ruby has always loved your food but we being humans had no idea what she thought the quality really was. We recently had a friend give us a huge amount of raw food that unfortunately she couldn’t use anymore. So we accepted it and just thought that it’s raw so it must be good.  Within 2 weeks we noticed a big difference in Ruby’s smell and her coat. But kept giving it to her not really knowing better. After a month of her eating this she was shaking her head a lot and scratching her ears. How happy we are to be feeding her your food again. She couldn’t tell us how she was feeling but she could certainly show us. I want to say Thank you for all you do for our fur babies and appreciate all your work that you have put into making your products so much better than the rest! You are amazing! Thank you from Ruby and the Feltham family.



My senior dachshund, 13 yrs old at the time, had become quite slow and it was apparent his arthritis was becoming an issue. He struggled to climb stairs and we often had to pick him up to go outside or to get on/off furniture. He was even struggling on walks, especially in the mornings. We booked a consult with Su and brought Dusty along.

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Chance is our handsome chow/lab mix. He was the second dog that we adopted from LotsaDogs Rescue (we have 3 total), and he was one of the first dogs at Su’s, when she started
the rescue. Last month, Chance took quite a turn for the worst. He is approximately 14 years old, and we
thought this was it.

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Today marks a very important anniversary in my life.  It is this day in 2010 that I brought my lovely Coonhound, Lucy home from the pound where she had resided for four months regaining her strength from living in the streets with no one to care for her. 

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Charlie & Shelby

Charlie came to Su a skinny hairless, unhappy dog. He was joyless. I fostered him for the Home for Christmas Program, having lost my previous dog that October. He was nothing that I excepted, short, itchy, unkept, and just plain sick

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Little Ol’ Lovey

At 16, she now getting quite grey in the face, but on Love My Dog food, her coat is in excellent shape, her eyes bright, even with her cataracts, and her energy is amazing!  She’s gambols around the house like a pup. Her excitement has no bounds and she’s all energized for a big walk or roaming around the field smelling which critters have been through.

We love Love My Dog!

Tinker & Kevin

As my pups are not getting older (Tinker, the black one will be 5 and Kevin the black & white one, will be 4), I wanted to say how great it is that my dogs have been on your raw diet for most of their life (since we adopted them)! We got Tinker from you at about 8 months old and we got Kevin via at 3 months.
Now that they are getting older, I can see the long term benefits of the raw diet you sell.

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