Dear Su:

Today marks a very important anniversary in my life.  It is this day in 2010 that I brought my lovely Coonhound, Lucy home from the pound where she had resided for four months regaining her strength from living in the streets with no one to care for her. 

She gained some weight back and somehow managed to survive to the surprise of the care givers at Animal Services.  In September 2014 Lucy was diagnosed with a large cancer growth in her mouth above her upper right Canine tooth.  I had two opinions with different Vets at her clinic and then was referred to Internal Medicine at the Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital only to get the same diagnosis.  I was told the prognosis was not good at all and just to make sure her last days were comfortable.

I posted my heartache on FB and Su Steiner contacted me.  We had a consultation and I decided to take her advice and look into holistic medicine for Lucy.  I did lots of research myself and with Su’s unlimited wealth of knowledge in this field we treated Lucy through 2015 together and in combination with health checks at my regular Vets office.  I stopped all chemical treatment, ie flea drugs, rabies  and booster injections and concentrated on Su’s holistic treatments. I also introduced Lucy to Amber Beads which have wonderful medicinal properties.

By late 2015 when Lucy was checked by her regular Vet, he was stunned to see that the lump had gone and that Lucy was showing a clean bill of health.  I was warned that the cancer may have manifested itself elsewhere in her body and that only time would tell.Lucy has now completed another yearly checkup with no sign of the cancer returning.  Lucy is a healthy and happy 65 lb girl enjoying every day of her life.  I just want to say a big thank you to Su Steiner and her wealth of Holistic knowledge for saving my girl’s life.  Together we strive to give Lucy the best years she can have.  She is now 9.5 years old and doing great.

Thanks Su-Ann F