On to POOP! Having a dog camp makes me POOP OBSESSED (think of how much I have to pick up each day!). On raw diet your dog absorbs all the food they eat and only poop indigestible fiber. Their poops are 1/5 what they are now (tells you just how much filler is in their food if you feed them two cups and they poop out one), dry, crumbly, not stinky (they still fart but it doesn’t smell anymore).

This poo is from our St. Bernard who eats 2lbs of food PER MEAL.


I would like to present you with a little ditty I wrote this AM;

“Ode to Poop”
by, Raw Dyette

Oh poop, Oh poop
You ruled my life
Through days and months and years —
of walking dogs and packing bags,
green grass and neighbours’ fears.

You smelled. You stank. You even ran
in puddles some of the time.
I walked my dogs and took my bags
and picked up even the slime.

Until one day when one of the dogs
Looked me in the eye
as he squatted beneath a neighbour’s tree
making poops a mile high

“I think it’s time to make a change.
I think it’s time to see
that kibble isn’t the best food
for most dogs, much less me…

“I’m a carnivore. I want meat
It’s mostly what I like to eat.
Kind of like, I suppose,
me feeding you only Cheerios..”

I listened to my canine friend
I went straight to the source
And bought our first batch of Raw Diet
— which both dogs gobbled, of course!

The moral of this icky tale —
Is plain for all to see,
Oh poop, you’re part of life
but maybe two, not three
and maybe small and maybe dry
and maybe not so hard to hide.

So, if you want to spend more time
Enjoying nature and the sunshine
Instead of scooping mushy goo
and heaps and heaps of smelly poo,
Then go on Raw, for Heavens’ sake!
And give your dog a healthy break!