Frequently Asked Questions

What’s in the food?

For our Premix food (fresh and frozen) we do chicken, turkey, lamb or duck-based, hormone, antibiotic-free (organic available too) . We add a percentage of beef because dogs need beef protein but don’t tolerate it well unless they are working or super high active dogs. People think a raw diet is slapping beef in a bowl and it’s not.

We add fruit/veggies/fish and supplements and oils.

The Supermix is Premix as above with more meat/fat/bones & with extra supplements and oils for high- energy dogs. It comes in 2 lb containers only

My vet says organisms like botulism, salmonella and E.coli in the raw meat could kill my dog. Is this true?

Commercial dog food has been around for less than a century. Unlike humans, dogs have been eating raw food for millennia. A dog’s short, acidic digestive system which hasn’t changed in over 3000 years, is designed to consume raw meat without absorbing harmful bacteria. Think about it. Dogs lick their butts, eat garbage and drink from puddles. If that’s not making them sick, the BARF diet won’t either. You’re not feeding them out of the garbage or rotten food.

Raw food may contain bacteria, though that WE can’t tolerate. Ensure you wash your hands with soap and water after handling your dog’s raw food, just as you would after handling the chicken for your own dinner.

My vet says they’ve seen dogs die on the raw diet. Is this true?

You can kill a dog on any food. Dogs die today from cancer, heart disease, thyroid problems, diabetes and obesity caused by commercial dog foods. The recalls of well known commercial kibbles have been coming fast and furious these last few years. E-coli, botulism and bad bacterias, even euthanasia drugs have been found in kibble. They also suffer from commercial diet-related ailments like hip problems, allergies, infections, immune problems and ear infections. When you choose the BARF diet, your dog will live a longer, healthier life and with our experience, we can help you adjust the food to meet other requirements or needs. You can’t do that with kibble. Just remember to follow the guidelines and use the supplements. Doing raw yourself without research can make them sick, sure. There are definitely percentages, portions and protein requirements for raw diets.

Why doesn’t my vet recommend the raw diet? My dog is thriving on it.

Mostly ignorance. Veterinarians received all of their nutritional training from the commercial dog food manufacturers. Until recently, there were no experts to teach about the raw diet. That’s changing. Ask around. More vets are investigating the BARF diet. In some isolated cases, it’s not ignorance – it’s greed. Some vets realize that the raw diet will virtually put them out of business. They make money when your dog gets sick.

My vet says that dogs fed the raw diet will hunt down and eat cats and other small animals. Surely this isn’t true!

Of course not. It’s not the taste of raw meat that makes some dogs chase animals; it’s the hunt. They don’t chase a bowl of food.

My vet says if my dog eats raw and then kisses me, I can can get salmonella

I suppose anything is possible but remember when you grew up and people said “let the dog lick your cut/scrape”? The antibacterial properties in their mouths that allow them to eat raw meat, poop, garbage and drink from puddles applies. I have yet to see a report from a vet showing this to be true.