Big, big factor it seems in people’s decision to not use raw diet but you’re wrong.  We have designed the food so that people with 50 to 100 pound dogs can afford to feed their dogs for less than a premium kibble.

If you do it yourself, it can cost as little as .25/day. If you buy it from us, the average price is $4.25/lb for premixed frozen containers.

An average 50lb dog already costs you approximately $100/mo in premium commercial food. That dog would cost you approximately $120 on raw diet bought ready made in small amounts but you can feed your dog for as little as $60/month buying in bulk.

For that extra $20/month, you SAVE on vet fees because your dog will not get sick anymore. You will see a change in coat within 4 days, anxiety levels decrease in 2 days, hair growth starts in 2 days – 1 week on bald spots from bacterial infections and alopecia.

Your dog will be flea resistant within 6 months so your flea prevention treatments end. Your dog won’t get ear infections anymore, won’t have hot spots or diarrhea (unless they eat rabbit poop or spoiled or rotten food from the garbage). They shed less (the skin is the biggest organ and theirs is covered in fur. To get poisons and bacteria out, they have to shed and it comes out in rashes, allergies and hotspots.

Weight is instantly managed. They loose weight without increased movement and maintain it because you feed adult dogs to the weight they should be and puppies to the the weight they’re going to be.

You will be so amazed at the changes in your dog that you will start to question everything we did by rote and become more aware of not just your dog’s health, but your own.