About Raw Diet



I started this company after getting into the dog day care and boarding business and found virtually all of our client’s dogs had physical problems, from allergies to digestion to immune system, chronic ear infections, arthritis and hair loss to name a few. My first Christmas here we had colour codes for the dogs – White for no problems, pink for allergies and Blue for medications. Out of 21 dogs boarding for the holidays ONE was white, 15 were pink and 5 were on medication.

I’d always had mixed breeds and was pretty smug about them being ‘better’ than purebreds – no health issues, the best of whatever breeds they are.

When I got my 3rd dog, Gizmo, a purebred BUT puppy mill pet store Papillon, he had torn out most of his hair and was chewing himself raw from a flea allergy. I recognized it but the previous owner didn’t. I took him to the vet, got Advantage for the fleas and prednisone for the itching. Within 2 days he quacked like a duck and totally lost his voice. The vet couldn’t ‘fix’ him and said he had immune problems and was allergic to Wheat, soy, corn and of course fleas.

I’d heard about raw diet and that it made dogs flea resistant but had a hard time getting my head around the salmonella, botulism, e coli issues until I watched Jessie lick her butt for 3 hours one day. Then the light bulb went off! They lick their butts, eat garbage and poop and drink from toilets and mud puddles. These bacteria’s obviously had little impact on them so the research began….

There is so much info out there about raw diet and when I started to learn, I started to think and I started to question everything. Knowledge IS power!

Advocates of BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) said it would cure just about anything & everything, that a dog’s digestive system hasn’t changed in over 3,000 years and commercial food has only been around for about 60 years. It’s in these last 60 years that dogs have developed ALL these problems.

I admit, there’s so much different info out there that anyone will be confused but it isn’t rocket science and common sense will take you all the way.

I’m blessed being in this business and meeting some incredibly great people in the Wellness areas who took the time to answer my questions, get me reliable people and sources which saved me a lot of time and helped make Love My Dog as awesome as it is.

We literally have a 100% success rate fixing all kinds of problems.

Then the Menu Foods fiasco happened with the poisoned wheat. WHY are they getting wheat in their food? It’s filler. If they killed a rabbit, cow, or deer to eat your dogs would get meat and the stomached contents which consists of fruit & veggies and they’ll eat fish too.

I would say that 90% of ‘allergies’ in dogs are not allergies at all, except to the preservative and additives in commercial food. WE can’t eat at fast food restaurants for every meal without feeling and getting sick, why should they?

We live in a fast paced world, commuting to work being one of the most time consuming things we do. We find it easier to scoop food from a bag than to make it ourselves which is why For the Love of Dog Wellness Centre has made Love My Dog so that you can make your dog healthy and still ‘scoop it from a bag’.

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