Chance is our handsome chow/lab mix. He was the second dog that we adopted from
LotsaDogs Rescue (we have 3 total), and he was one of the first dogs at Su’s, when she started
the rescue.
Last month, Chance took quite a turn for the worst. He is approximately 14 years old, and we
thought this was it. This was the weekend we would be saying goodbye to our sweet boy. He
stopped eating, drinking, needed to be carried everywhere. He was tired and weak, and that
also put a strain on his arthritis. The vet informed us that he had pancreatitis, along with liver
and kidney issues. He was put on painkillers and antibiotics.
I decided to let Su know, as Chance was one her first rescued dogs. The next day, we took
Chance for a second opinion with Su and Dave. When we all looked into his eyes, we could tell
that he wasn’t ready to go, and we were not giving up on him. Su guided us through a dietary
change and a holistic regiment that we began right then and there. Within hours, Chance was
up and moving on his own. By the first evening, he was eating and drinking. The next day, he
was able to go for a walk.
Chance is thriving now and shows no signs of slowing down. He is back to his old antics, playing
with his friends and being our furry shadow.
Su’s vast knowledge, love and compassion for the dogs that she’s come across has touched
their lives and those who have loved those dogs.
Thank you will never be enough for helping, and in turn, saving our boy.