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06 Mar


Posted in News on 06.03.13

Please read this. I have been saying forever that hw needs a certain temperature and number of days to be transmitted but it also needs sick dogs and mosquitoes so calculate the ODDS of your dog getting it and then think of the consequences of these god awful drugs in their systems FOR HALF THEIR LIVES (6 mos/yr) on the OFF CHANCE they MIGHT get HW. The TREATMENT is no big deal too. It costs maybe $200 not the $2000 the vets scam from you. The ‘policy’ of Canadian vets to test ea year IS based on a ‘recomendation’ by the American HW Society and on the money generated and not on facts or need. Guess why there is no CANADIAN HW society? We have virtually no HW up here. Where the States had over 3,000,000 cases we have 350 cases. HELLO?? This article is worth the read.


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for the love of dog wellness centre