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We are dog owners who ran a rescue where we kept dogs at our barn. We had up to 50 dogs at a time playing and exercising.

Having learned dog behaviour, we had no fights and we are tired of the unsafe conditions at regular dog parks. There is no control over people bringing their unfixed or vicious dogs and people don’t understand how to have a SAFE place where the dogs can play.

By having a members only park we check out people and their dogs and TEACH them to prevent problems.
This is the only Members Only leash free park in the world.
For as little as $2/day or $2.50 /day you can have a safe place to play with your dog and have them play with other dogs.
OPENING FEB 2/19 Brooklin/Whitby, Port Perry/Ajax & Oshawa area 
Free orientation and play time 10am Feb 2 at 10am

To register please email

Membership rates Feb 2- April 1/19 $60/1st dog ($2.00/day), $45 for 2nd (proof of ownership required).

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL book Feb to May 1 and the same rate applies

*Regular rates are  $75 1st dog ($2.50/day), $45 for the 2nd dog (proof of ownership required) Starting April 1/19

*Availability for dog walkers (bring your whole group) and people wanting a private place to train or play with their dogs by the hour $25

*Member rate $12.50 (50% off). You can also book for dog parties by the hour BETWEEN MORNING AND AFTERNOON SESSIONS

*Day and Weekend passes available $25/$40

**Our regular food clients picking up our Raw Diet get free 1/2hr session same day during regular park hours


The Dog Park @ The Barn – a Members Only Leash Free Park

1. Use of park is 100% at own risk.

2. Membership is $75/mo, (3 mo min). Additional dogs
(proof of ownership required) $45/mo.
Supervised playtime to teach you to understand dog behaviour, recognize and stop problems before they happen INCLUDED
One on one lessons are available for a fee to help you recognize and prevent issues. The fee is $80.

3. Swimming pools open April 30

4. Owners MUST be outside with their dogs You will be asked to leave and membership can be terminated without notice if you do not pick up after your dog and YOURSELF. Garbage cans/poop containers are provided as well as a bucket of bleach/water to clean up indoor accidents. Poor hygienic behaviour will not be tolerated.

5. You can park on the road or the parking lot by the house or in designated spots at the barn where space is available (8 spots). You must walk your dogs ON LEASH to the barn to give them some exercise before they arrive at the leash free so prevent excited behaviour.

6. SMALL DOGS may use the indoor area to play IN WINTER but no more than 5 at a time to prevent overcrowding and fights, and no more than 15 mins. Please allow all the owners to have indoor time with their small dogs. The park is outdoor with some indoor privileges. SMALL DOGS ARE UNDER 20lbs

7. LARGE DOGS cannot play indoors. Crowding causes fights.

8. GATES AND DOORS must be closed properly at all times please and thank you! If you are the last one leaving please ensure doors are closed and phone 905-447-4461 to say that the place is empty at end of the session

9. All dogs must be spayed or neutered

10. HOURS 6am -11am and 4pm- 7pm weekdays and 9:30-2pm weekends

11. In between the park is available to rent by the hour for parties or training your dog or just playing with your dog


13. Toys and balls can cause problems. Dogs do not understand sharing. If you find your dog or others becoming possessive you must put the toys away. We prefer dogs play with each other. Dogs that are not used to playing with other dogs learn to pretty quickly.

14. Bring your own towels for muddy days and when using the pools and when the sandpit is open

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