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2 comments on this topic

  1. Inga Dempsey says:

    I got a “surprise” in the mail yesterday from 24PetWatch. They sent me the registration document for my dog Alba, which states that the date of registration/adoption was October 13, 2011. I adopted Alba from Camp Lotsa Dogs and had him micro chipped on March 27, 2011 and mailed the PetWatch registration form to Petwatch shortly thereafter. So why did it take over 6 months for them to finally get around to recording it on their books? I phoned and sat on the line for 10 minutes having to endure the usual “your call is important to us” BS before someone came on the line. The rep couldn’t give me an answer and offered to have his supervisor call me, which I accepted. I’m not holding my breath for a call back.

    I never received anything in the mail concerning my other dog Della, who I adopted from Camp Lotsa Dogs and had microchipped on April 15, 2011. I asked the rep to see if she was registered. Nope, no record of her. Here all this time I thought my dogs were “protected”. I registered Della over the phone. I was polite and didn’t lose my cool, but my call to PetWatch was essentially a complaint call. The rep had the nerve to try and sell me their embossed tags with the PetWatch numbers. Someone should instruct him to hold the sell spiel when a customer is calling with a grievance.

    My husband says they should send me the tags for free for this mess up.

    I am wondering how many folks had their dogs microchipped with 24PetWatch, sent in their form and thought that it was done. If you didn’t receive confirmation in the mail, I would recommend you call them at 1-866-597-2424 to make sure. Better safe than sorry.

    1. Scott McDonald says:

      I was so impressed with LotsaDogs. They matched me with the perfect “rescue” for my personality and living situation, I could not be happier.

      Along with an amazing dog, they provided me with the knowledge, supplies, and confidence to give my new friend the loving home he deserves.

      I would recommend speaking to Susan and Dave about nutrition, vaccinations, training, and many other topics.

      Thank you so much!


      1. Mary Kesikiadis says:

        Hi Sue,

        It’s been almost a month since we adopted Ranger from you. He’s become a wonderful part of our family and we can’t remember what it was like without him now.

        Ranger is such a good fit for us and our lifestyle. He’s a good natured medium-energy dog with a little devlish side to him. He’s earned his nickname Ranger Dangerfield :) He is both affectionate and independent. Ranger likes to relax on the couch but is just as happy in his dog bed on the floor after his belly rub is done. He walks great on the leash too!!

        We’re looking forward to the warmer weather and many many outdoor adventures with Ranger.

        Thanks so much for matching us up!!


        1. william flood says:

          i went to the walk on saturday the 23 rd and i walked with Jasmine and she was brilliant !!!! loved her and she was very happy !!!!

          1. william flood says:

            lots of beautiful dogs there !!!!

            1. Gail Weyers says:

              I am interested in Friskie. Is it pawsible for someone to contact me and perhaps arrange an appointment for me to meet this l’il gaffer ? I am finding it very difficult to contact anyone at your site.I am living in the Ashburn area… so not far from you people..AND we do have a large property for Friskie to run.
              Thank you,
              Gail Weyers

              1. sadaf says:

                i like this post and this is veryou sharing this fro ally useful for me .thanks .

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