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Aside from premium quality raw diet (you could cook our food and if you don’t mind ground bones in it, you could eat it), we also are there with you every step of the way for your dogs entire life. You also get to know that I feed MY dogs the same food we sell. We do offer consulting services about vaccines, wellness, and behaviour. We will educate you about vaccines and wellness.  You’re not alone in wanting the best for your dog and we’ve already done the research.

We are not against vets and medicine, we just feel that not only do they not know everything, but holistic and homeopathic were science before ‘science’ came along.

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  1. marnelle tokio says:

    i have a rescue FRENCHIE with skin issues that the previous owner could not solve through vet visits and meds…i live in the Bayview and Davisville area and i’m wondering if you sell your products at any pet supply stores…i don’t currently have a car or a freezer (my attempt at being environmentally conscious as i live a 1/2 block from 24 grocery store and am directly on the TTC line)
    marnelle and POPPY and SPARKY

    1. admin says:

      All the skin issues anyone can come up with are fixed on our food. That includes hair loss from Alopecia X and flea allergies and mange. We’re not yet in stores only because really of lack of time in a day. We have a rescue and consulting and other dog related businesses and there’s just Dave & I and occasional help and volunteers.
      Also we’re not much at marketing and we get offers of help but no one comes thru. They just want free food.
      We will deliver to toronto but there is a $40 delivery charge and a minimum 50lb order. We are there Thurs only and we meet people at McCowan & 401.
      we’re growing and getting there but not just yet

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