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I started this company after getting into the dog day care and boarding business and found virtually all of our client’s dogs had physical problems, from allergies to digestion to immune system, chronic ear infections, arthritis and hair loss to name a few. My first Christmas here we had colour codes for the dogs – White for no problems, pink for allergies and Blue for medications. Out of 21 dogs boarding for the holidays ONE was white, 15 were pink and 5 were on medication.

I’d always had mixed breeds and was pretty smug about them being ‘better’ than purebreds – no health issues, the best of whatever breeds they are.

When I got my 3rd dog, Gizmo, a purebred BUT puppy mill pet store Papillon, he had torn out most of his hair and was chewing himself raw from a flea allergy. I recognized it but the previous owner didn’t. I took him to the vet, got Advantage for the fleas and prednisone for the itching. Within 2 days he quacked like a duck and totally lost his voice. The vet couldn’t ‘fix’ him and said he had immune problems and was allergic to Wheat, soy, corn and of course fleas.

I’d heard about raw diet and that it made dogs flea resistant but had a hard time getting my head around the salmonella, botulism, e coli issues until I watched Jessie lick her butt for 3 hours one day. Then the light bulb went off! They lick their butts, eat garbage and poop and drink from toilets and mud puddles. These bacteria’s obviously had little impact on them so the research began….

There is so much info out there about raw diet and when I started to learn, I started to think and I started to question everything. Knowledge IS power!

Advocates of BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) said it would cure just about anything & everything, that a dog’s digestive system hasn’t changed in over 3,000 years and commercial food has only been around for about 60 years. It’s in these last 60 years that dogs have developed ALL these problems.

I admit, there’s so much different info out there that anyone will be confused but it isn’t rocket science and common sense will take you all the way.

I’m blessed being in this business and meeting some incredibly great people in the Wellness areas who took the time to answer my questions, get me reliable people and sources which saved me a lot of time and helped make Love My Dog as awesome as it is.

We literally have a 100% success rate fixing all kinds of problems.

Then the Menu Foods fiasco happened with the poisoned wheat. WHY are they getting wheat in their food? It’s filler. If they killed a rabbit, cow, or deer to eat your dogs would get meat and the stomached contents which consists of fruit & veggies and they’ll eat fish too.

I would say that 90% of ‘allergies’ in dogs are not allergies at all, except to the preservative and additives in commercial food. WE can’t eat at fast food restaurants for every meal without feeling and getting sick, why should they?

We live in a fast paced world, commuting to work being one of the most time consuming things we do. We find it easier to scoop food from a bag than to make it ourselves which is why For the Love of Dog Wellness Centre has made Love My Dog so that you can make your dog healthy and still ‘scoop it from a bag’.

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Behaviour Training: FREE for 30 days after first food products purchase (We will not give you the recipe or tell you how to make the food)

Some common questions about feeding your dog a raw diet

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2 comments on this topic

  1. Kristin Kelly says:

    Hi Sue,

    I just wanted to let you know that I look forward to continuing to buy Gary’s dog food from you, I think what you do is amazing…working 7 days a week and basically 24 hours a day, I think your only break is when you sleep! Your food prices are low for the awesome quality and quantity you offer! Thank you :)
    If taking a few minutes out of my life every few months to put the cash I’d be bringing you onto my credit card instead helps you even a little…then easy peasy lemon squeezy :) Honestly THANK YOU for the hard work you do, you are a wonderful person !!!


    Kristin, Brandon & Gary :)

    1. Lynne Alexopoulos says:

      I rescued Billy from GTA Weimaraner Rescue in February 2010. When we brought him home he was about 10lbs underweight so we started feeding him 3 full meals a day of what we thought was a good quality food, Orijen. The first few days he had loose stools but I thought it was just his anxiety (severe) at having lost his home and his people he knew and loved.

      As the weeks and months passed by this did not change and so I thought well this is just his digestive system? Sounds crazy in retrospect, but at the time it kind of made sense.

      Fast forward to two years later, I am searching for somewhere that I can leave him for a few hours during the day (he cannot be left alone for very long) and I come across Camp Lotsa Dogs. During my conversations with Su and Dave, I discover that this stool issue is definitely NOT normal for any dog and that he possibly had an allergy to something in his food. I was not entirely comfortable with the raw as I am borderline vegetarian myself and really did not want to be preparing and dealing with raw meat. In March 2012, I did however purchase a couple of frozen meals to sample him on and was shocked at the immediate changes. The transformation was so apparant with him and he is physically feeling so much better, no more loose and watery stools, I can actually pick them up now and no more smelly farting. In fact he seems less hungry all the time although he is always ready for his meals. I have become accustomed to serving his meals and no longer am grossed out by the raw meat especially now that he is doing so much better. The prepared meals from Lovemydograwdiet are all balanced and I only have to add a raw egg once a week. It’s easy for me and most importantly it’s the perfect food for Billy. I can’t tell you guys enough how thankful I am that you spent that extra time with me to educate me on such an important part of my dogs health and well being.

      Warm Regards,
      The Alexopoulos Family

      1. Chris & Leigh says:

        Just wanted to say how much of a difference we see in our dog on this diet and plug the benefit of raw bones in particular. WOW! What a difference in Bella’s teeth and in only 1 months’ time – 4 bones. Our vet told us last year that she would need regular dental cleanings – starting at $250 + $100 per extraction =0 That was at age 2 and she’s been fed Taste of the Wild since we got her as a puppy. What we thought was a good food. Now there’s not a spot of tartar on her teeth, her nasty dog breath is non existent and her teeth look as white and clean as they did when she was a puppy. That alone is worth the food!

        Overall she’s a calmer dog now, her ears don’t seem to be bothering her, she doesn’t shed as much as she used to and as she’s losing the weight she needs to, she has more pep in her on walks and when playing. We’re very impressed and spread the word to everyone who listens! Keep up the great work Su :)

        Leigh, Chris & Bella (2012)

        1. admin says:

          Thank you Leigh, Chris and especially Bella. A dog’s teeth and coat and energy are great testimonials but taking the time to write us to let us know what you see and let OTHERS know what to expect is gratifying to hear!
          Thank you and look forward to seeing you all whenever you need us

          1. Shelena says:

            My 9 year old dog peanut was diagnosed with Cushings and Liver Failure… I knew i needed to put him on a good diet and contacted Sue. I just picked up my first month of frozen food, the dehydrated liver snacks and a bag of bones on Saturday August 11th. Peanut has been on this diet for 3 days now… wow, what a difference!!! His coat is already brighter white, he has the energy of a puppy again and just from gnawing on one of the bones his teeth are cleaner. I am so amazed and impressed. He seems like a brand new dog!
            Thanks Sue! I’m so glad I found your site and am so glad you are helping our dogs live happier & healthier!!
            Shelena (August 15, 2012)
            I’ll post a before & after shot in a few weeks…. :)

            1. admin says:

              We’ve been doing this for 7 years and it STILL amazes me how FAST the change is! I especially love putting the older dogs on the food cuz it knocks YEARS off them and the change is so rapid and dramatic cuz they’ve lived with their problems for longer than a younger dog

              1. lindsay says:

                We recntly got a husky puppy and I would like to put him on raw food. We also have a 14yr old siamese and I have been doing alot of reading that a raw food diet has done wonders for siamese with kidney issues. I would like to put them on the same food. Would this be possible?
                Linz, Zena, Deniz & K-oz

                1. admin says:

                  Hi Lindsay,
                  The pup will do great on raw but the cat might be harder. They put a lot of addictive stuff in cat food so switching, esp at that age can be hard.
                  Our food can be fed to cats but as true carnivores they don’t need the fruit/veggies in the food but causes no harm to them. We would get you a cat supplement that contains torin. If he eats the food, great but I have not had success with cats on raw myself (I have 2 and they eat the food when the dogs have it but no other time)and it cant be left out all day with cats grazing so you’d have to feed small amounts more often

                  1. Shelby says:

                    We feed our dog raw and he really enjoys it. I don’t have much to compare it to as he is my first dog, but generally we have been very happy in most respects. But due to recent events we are switching him to kibble.

                    He recently needed surgery and while his stomach and intestines were opened up the surgeon found many pieces of large bone, some of which are as big as his intestine. The surgeon suspects digesting has been painful for him as they are large and sharp. As well, our dog poops 5 times a day, and the surgeon said this is a lot for a small dog like him – it may be the case he is not absorbing what he needs from his food. This explains why he often seems hungry to us and possibly why he eats everything in sight (including the foreign object that was surgically removed). Finally, our vet commented during his neutering that his teeth needed more cleaning – the soft food was not doing the job the way the kibble does. So although there are some clear benefits to the raw diet, we have decided to give kibble a go after all. We don’t want our dog to be malnourished, hungry or in pain. Just wanted to present another viewpoint on the matter.

                    1. admin says:

                      Shelby you say yourself you have only this dog for experience but I have 100s of dogs of experience and your experience is NOT the norm with raw food.
                      if you’re doing it yourself or buying at a pet store you’re buying or making bad raw or not following instructions correctly too.
                      Did the vet save or show you all the shards not that he couldn’t have gotten them and pretended they were from your dog. You’re automatically believing someone with a vested interest in keeping you dog sick!! Your vet never even asked the ingredients of the diet or percentages I bet you. One of my vets blames everything on raw despite the fact he hasn’t treated any of my dogs for illness in 10yrs, despite the fact that he has treated 1000s of dogs for the the same things who are on KIBBLE. it’s fear mongering Shelby.

                      how do you figure kibble or commercial processed food is a good alternative?

                      How about instead trying a GOOD, WELL MADE raw diet?

                      I own 3 papillons on my food for 10 yrs and not one of them has had a problem. Your dog isn’t ‘always hungry’ for malnutrition. MOST dogs will eat til the die if they like the food.

                      1. Lisa says:

                        Well…Su finally convinced me to go with the raw diet. My older dog, a lab mix, got a hematoma on his ear flap, he had ear infections in both of his ears that the vet said was a 3+, after two weeks of sporadic medicating of the ears (because he fights so much) and two weeks on raw diet I took him back to the vet, one ear fully clear and one ear a slight 1+. The ABSOLUTE best for me though is that the amount of dog hair floating around my house has diminished by more than half and that is phenomenal. I have two large dogs and the occasional foster dog as well. I will tout the benefits of the raw diet to anyone that asks! Thanks Su for finally convincing me.

                        1. admin says:

                          you’re welcome Lisa! lol. Glad glad glad!! and I love raw cuz it all happens so FAST!! 2 weeks new food and life hs changed – you for vacuuming but poor sully for ears. YAY

                          1. David says:

                            Broke people gotta steal my identity to buy your stupid fucking good I don’t even have a dog Fuck you and your shitty food

                            1. Rhoda Brown says:

                              It might have been the fact that I didn’t eat foods that came in bags and boxes and it just seemed logical that my dogs shouldn’t either.

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