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  1. barbara righton says:

    Hello: Just to let you know our Beagle-cross, Hope, is becoming a big part of our little family. She has taken over the cats’ favourite sleeping place on the couch, near the window so she can relax while keeping an eye on passersby. She sleeps like a log in her crate and has had no accidents since coming to our home just two weeks ago.

    Every morning she and I go for a 45-minute walk and another half-hour at mid-day, which is helping my fitness level considerably. Last Sunday she went to the dog park for the first time and held her own against a galoot Lab. I think you socialized her very well: she is interested in other dogs, but not afraid at all.

    She learns fast and is now familiar with “wait,” “let’s go, Hopey,” and “careful” when she crosses in front of me and gets a foot coming forward in her bottom. An added plus, her beauty. Everywhere we go strangers tell her how cute she is.

    Her personality is fabulous. She is kind and gentle and will tolerate all manner of hugging and kissing, wrestling and raspberries blown onto her tummy. Our two old cats are perplexed but in no danger, Hope either ignores them or comes to visit when they are petted. Her energy is contagious and such a joy after the past year of living with a very old dog. She is quick to find things to chew, but caught just as fast. In other words, the honeymoon is continuing.

    Thank you for bringing such a lovely dog into our lives.

    All the best,