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  1. Teresa & John B says:

    Our family recently adopted a sweet-natured, handsome rescue dog, “Conan”, from Lotsadogs Rescue [based in Whitby Ontario], which is run by the wonderful Susan Steiner. Since Conan was originally rescued from Ohio, we therefore wanted to share his success story now, since he’s made a very comfortable transition to a loving forever home here in Ontario.
    Susan is a caring, well-organized and compassionate person who not only really cares about these special shelter dogs but is knowledgeable about canine health, care and development.
    Also, Susan’s insight into dogs is really evident by her excellent ‘dog + people’ matchmaking skills, wherein she trys to fit both the dog’s and individual’s personality & energy levels together to make the best family match [e.g. disabled family member]. Thank you Susan, and keep up the good work with the LotsofDogs rescue organization activities.

    1. Kallin Moore says:

      We adopted our sweet boy, Hartley, from Susan Steiner’s camp lots-dogs back in 2012. I can’t imagine life without him! Susan is a very special person and we are grateful for the work she does and for the opportunity she gave us to give our little guy his forever home.

      1. Mitch S says:

        I sent ONE email to Susan Steiner from LotsaDogs Rescue to enquire about a dog in order to save wasting her and my time by filling out an application only to have it rejected. I stated I didn’t want to waste our time, as in hers or mine. This was her immediate response:

        “well now you’re wasting MY time. I’m sorry are you assuming YOUR time is more important than MINE? Let’s save YOU all the work – DON’T send an appplication at all. I don’t adopt to ppl like YOU since it’s a free country and all we all get to make choices. You made yours now i have made mine”.

        Google her and check other reviews. There’s something wrong with this woman. Judging by the look of her she’s got plenty of spare time because she’s obviously not spending it exercising.

        1. Melissa says:

          It is unfortunate that some people working under the guise of being a ‘responsible rescue’ is allowed to run a shelter. My parents have been looking to adopt a rescue dog and unfortunately was met with rudeness and ignorance on the part of Susan Steiner from Lotsadogs in Whitby, Ontario. They filled out her application form only to receive the following response. Here is a taste: “got your app – 1st i can barely read the handwriting but can live with that. What i can;t live with is 1 word and half assed answers.”

          An example: Do you have a fenced yard – my father responded “yes”. Apparently that isn’t enough information for her. She later requests to know the height of the fence – again, another one word answer.

          Needless to say, the response she got in return was probably above her comprehension level. I understand that shelters must choose families for their dogs with care, however a rude and unprovoked response to a completed application by an experienced dog owner is not only unprofessional, but uncalled for. Seeing as how Susan’s reviews show her to be an offensive, ignorant and abusive in her dealings with the public, it is worrisome that there are any dogs in her care. (,1,) Save your time and your blood pressure and look elsewhere.

          1. Sandy says:

            Susan is a VILE and OFFENSIVE human being! I don’t know how she’s allowed to still run a rescue even after being investigated. PLEASE READ ALL THE HORRIBLE REVIEWS BEFORE YOU CONTACT THIS RESCUE.

            1. Laira says:

              To those saying sue is rude and vile and should not be allowed to have dogs, you are all ignorant. She is not here to be nice and pleasant to you, she is here for the dogs! And that’s how a rescue should be.
              My old pup I got from the humane society, had been adopted and returned 3 times, because they dont screen, if someone is interested the dog goes, even if it is a bad match. Sue ensures her dogs are going to proper owners!
              And it CLEARLY states to fill out an application before sending an e-mail, if you can’t follow her simple instructions, you are wasting her time, and don’t deserve a dog!

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