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In the last 10 years since we started this journey of raw diet and holistics, my dogs have all lived longer than the ones before them. I went from my first dog who died at 10 of cancer to my next living to 13.5 years, to the next living to almost 15 years. These were both dogs who weighed 70 and 90 lbs – a larger breed that is well known to die earlier due to there size. My white-hot mess of a papillon, the catalyst for all things wellness with be 16 years old in January. I have reversed most of his allergies and lessened the rest, got him off of his OCD pills, and he still doesn’t have arthritis.

We have successfully taken care of allergies in dogs but even better we are adopting dogs to PEOPLE with allergies who normally would end up with “non-allergic” dogs only. Now they are able to adopt beagles, lab and spaniel mixes, just to name a few.

This Wellness Centre, dedicated to dogs and their people, came about when I realized my Hank was not the only dog in the world with ear infections. With Camp LotsaDogs as a boarding facility I met all kinds of people and their dogs. Their dogs had a lot of physical and emotional problems in common. I had no idea we had such sick dogs and that none of us realized it didn’t have to be that way but none of us knew to look for answers never mind WHERE to look for answers. Heck, I didn’t even know there were QUESTIONS! HERE is where you find answers to all kinds of common and uncommon dog problems and HERE is where you get answers and solutions THAT WORK! WHAT WE OFFER: Raw Diet (see our product line), Holistic and Homeopathic solutions, flower remedies for emotional problems (yours and your dog’s), behaviour training for you and rehabilitation for your dog, weight loss and fitness centre for your dog, physical injury rehabilitation, referrals to places that do what we can’t and a place for those who can to list their businesses with us. We also save dogs from kill shelters, pounds, owner surrenders and we rehabilitate them emotionally and physically and then adopt them out to people who will love them. The link to our adoption site under Adopting a Friend category. WE ALSO HOLD MICROCHIP CLINICS THE 1st SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH, noon to 1pm, $40 per chip, dog or cat or ferret. We are interested in alternatives to traditional ‘medicine’, and ways to cure problems, not just treat the symptoms over & over. We will soon have a FORUM where we can all share ideas, successes and resources. The definition of insanity is “Doing the same thing over & over again expecting a different result”. We don’t accept insanity for our pets any longer. We update (or ‘blog’) almost daily so we will be eliminating the emails I used to send out with CLD/LMD news and rescue info – We’re hoping that you’ll want to check in daily here to see what’s new and happening!


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  1. Dawn says:

    Just a quick note to say thank you. I enjoyed the workshop, learned a few things (about both me and Daisy) and Daisy for the most part was well behaved and of course I enjoyed meeting the others and their dogs.

    When we got home Daisy ate, drank a whole lot of water and passed out. Big day!

    A great big thank you again.

    1. Allen Kozlov says:

      We adopted Peaches a beautiful sister for Molly recently. Peaches is a six year old Terrapoo, gives lots of kisses and loves Molly. When you adopt a dog, you save two lives. Sue Steiner and staff gives lots of love and is very knowledgable (More then the Vets) on all aspects the the dogs well being, please adopt dogs from Camp Lots of Dogs, you will not be sorry.
      Thank you Sue for all your help and Kindness over the years we now have two wonderful Dogs from Sue.

      Allen and donna Kozlov-Whitby Ontario

      1. Jen W says:

        So..I just read your latest (Feb 2012) newsletter concerning people who return pets they once adopted from you because they are “moving to a condo” that doesn’t allow “larger”, “multiple” pets….

        What the heck is wrong with these people? I am not an animal rights activist or a nut but if I had a pet and was moving, we would not move to any place that wouldn’t allow me to keep my pets. Likewise, I wouldn’t get hooked up with anyone who couldn’t tolerate — medically or psychologically — my dogs and cats. Let’s put it this way…if you had kids, would you move into an “adults only” building and dump the kids? There’s no difference here!

        Sorry, this is just a no-brainer and this is one issue that I really don’t understand. Sue put it diplomatically. I won’t. People who take on pets do it “for better or for worse”. Don’t be selfish. You took on a pet. That pet, barring unforeseen health issues or financial issues, is yours for life. Smarten up!

        1. donna cooper says:

          Sue just wanted to let you know that it was 2 yrs.yesterday when we adopted Bear.He has turned out to be the best dog ever.He’s so lovable and brings me joy every day.In the beginning he was a challenge but was worth it.would like to join the hike but not able to download the pledge sheet for some reason.Anyway,just wanted to let you know , we appreciate all you and your crew do for these dogs.I often think about what the outcome would have been for Bear if it wasn’t for your generosity and love for these creatures. Thanks for caring sincerely, Donna and Garnet.

          1. Nicole Cleveland says:

            Dear Sue and Dave,

            Thank you for letting me work with my mom at the camp during March Break with the new dogs that came looking for a home!

            My favorite part that I did was getting to work with Honey, Nate and Nubbin. And here’s a pointer Nate will stop whining when you cradle him.

            Here are some ideas for some of the dogs……..

            HONEY – fun loving and cute just needs a little work
            ELLIE – an adorable hound who loves to suck the heat out of you (Adopted yeah!)
            MATRIX – a funny loveable lab that loves to play and his favorite game is tug a war (Adopted yeah2)
            HOPE – a funny playful puppy powered machine
            KELLY – another hound who loves to cuddle (Adopted yeah3)
            JAKE – a fun puppy who loves tennis balls (Adopted yeah4)
            LOVEY – simple as this Lovey is lovey
            SASHA – I don’t really know I didn’t spend a lot of time with her
            NUBBIN – a loveable Yorkie
            NATE – a funny whiner
            NIGEL – a dog with a big pouf ball and baboon tail (recently got a new hair cut & looks too cute)
            DOOLEY – a dog with a duck honk
            DEXTER – he’s a funny dog who thinks he’s a puppy but loves to play patty cake

            Well gtg (got to go) Sincerely, Nicole C

            1. Tim says:

              Hi, we have a ten year old French bull dog named Louie. Louie had a lot of digestion and skin problems as he got older. On and off for three years we’d have to take Louie to the vets for antibiotics for skin and ear infections. About a year ago, after various inconclusive tests to treat a breathing issue we had a to decide whether or not to do a lung biopsy. Louie was lethargic and wanted to be left alone. He couldn’t walk to the end of he street. The vet figured he had lung cancer and the biopsy would confirm it. Instead of putting Louie through a procedure that could possibly kill him, we decided to try him on raw food. I had heard about it from my father and thought what could it hurt. I honestly thought Louie was not long for our world. Today, Louie looks and acts like a pup! His fur is great and he has no skin or ear infections. His breathing issues have all but gone. The only change I made with Louie was to give him raw food. I wouldn’t recommend anything else for your dog!

              1. Diana says:

                Hi Sue,
                Our dog Bently is a coonhound with big floppy ears, and as a result she gets a lot of ear infections. We tried these methods:
                1) Antibiotics and VET cleaning products
                2) Pro-biotic powder
                3) Change of food (No chicken)
                While each had their positives, the latter has seemed to get rid of her ear infection.

                When we first got her and took her to the vet they told us to clean it out regularly and use an antibiotic. This didn’t seem to clear it up permanently; after talking to you (Sue) we started putting pro-biotics (a powder substance you can get at a health food store or Global) in her food and it decreased her ear infections – her ears started to get cleaner and didn’t bother her as much. Pro-biotic is a bacteria that helps with digestion and the thought was that her ear problems were yeast related. If you use pro-biotic you have to use a non-metalic dish to serve it with the food otherwise it doesn’t work.

                Now, while Bently had slight ear infections still she was also getting a bit hefty because her food had too much protein for her activity level (she is a lazy bum, except for on her walks), so we changed her food from Orijen to Acana and when we made the change, we got her lamb. This product has NO chicken in it; Bently’s ears have the occasional grub in them, but she no longer has a chronic ear infection and they don’t bother her at all; before she was constantly rubbing at her head and ears because her ears bothered her so much.

                Not sure if it will work for anyone else, but perhaps someone will find this information useful. I’ve heard of a lot of dogs being allergic to chicken and with all the filler and genetically modified ingredients they use to feed them it’s no wonder.

                1. Charlene (and Ernie) says:

                  Hi Susan, just want to let you know that Ernie loves your food and I’m pleased by all the veggies I can make out in there. Thanks!

                  1. Leah M says:

                    Hi all,

                    Just wanted to leave a comment about Simba, the black lab/chow cross. He is sooo beautiful, and if I could adopt him I would. I adopted Hailey, a black lab sharpei cross almost 3 years ago from Su, and we are so happy with her, she is amazing. Simba’s bio and pictures really remind me of Hailey and I can tell that he will make someone a wonderful pet. Su told us black dogs take forever to get adopted. If you are thinking about Simba please adopt him! Black dogs are wonderful, and will enrich your life… They are like the kids who get picked last in gym class and its not fair! I will always rescue and I will always look for black dogs! Thanks su for all that you do, and for saving Hailey 3 years so we could have this wonderful dog in our lives!

                    1. admin says:

                      Thank you Leah! you’ve learned what i’ve always known – BLACK DOGS ROCK!

                      1. Susan H says:

                        This is a letter to say that my family and I adopted Simba, now named Tank. You are soooo right Leah, he is absolutely, without a doubt, the best dog ever!!!! He was alot bigger then I wanted to get, but when we took my son to meet him and Tank came over and sat on his foot, I was so thrilled to know that he picked our family. He has brought us nothing but joy. It seems like he has always been here. I am so glad we went to look at the dogs, and adopted Tank. And I am grateful for all the dogs that Camp Lots of Dogs have helped rescue. I love my Tank, he makes my heart smile.

                        1. admin says:

                          Suzy!! you have my Tiny Tank lol! He got big huh? see what happens when you get a puppy – could be anything, We would love to see him and we haven’t done the one month yet so hopefully you will bring him to the 6 Legged Hike next Saturday morning! Thank you for the kind words too

                          1. Heather Feeney says:

                            Hi sue

                            I thought you would appreciate this. Everyday morning and afternoon our old lady jasmine approximately 15 years old – weighing in at about 4 lbs..demands Dexter’s food. As soon as we go to put the bowl down she runs and starts eating it. Dexter looks at us pathetically..we coax him to go eat and he does. Eating raw doesn’t make him want to eat cats, it forces him to share. He is the best boy ever!!

                            1. admin says:

                              that’s too funny Heather! I have vets tell people that their dogs will kill things if they are on raw – SO WRONG!! You don’t see them chasing and killing their food bowls. They prefer to be served lol

                              1. Heather Feeney says:

                                so right, we always show our friends / family AND they can’t believe it.! they think the big black dog will get aggressive – he doesn’t growl or pay any attention to her and he is very gentle. Until he starts his big sloppy splashing as he tries to eat it up before her. She is crafty though gets to the bowl first and manages to pull out a chunk once he joins in. So glad we made the switch to RAW! thank you

                                1. Shelagh Main says:

                                  We have had nothing but great comments about Riley since we brought him home. He has made a great impression on everyone he meets.

                                  Riley has just been neutered and the Vet has put him on antibiotics as a precaution as it wasn’t a simple procedure due to the fact that they had to go looking for a testicle.

                                  As this is the first time that Riley has been on antibiotics while eating the Raw Diet I am wondering if there is anything that I should keep an eye out for?

                                  1. admin says:

                                    you can mitigate the damage of antibiotics (antib’s kill all bacteria good and bad) by adding cranberries or cranberry juice to food or give a probiotic 8 hrs aftr the antib or buy a homeopathic antibacterial (we have some on the store) you can use instead of antibiotics.

                                    1. S says:

                                      I sent the following e-mail:
                                      Jasper is adorable! If we had more $$$$$, or the adoption fee wasn’t so high…. our home would be PERFECT for him – we “doggie- sit” several neighbor’s dogs and Jasper’s personality sounds like he would fit right in with our 3 daughters, who all have different personalities :-) and I was born in Kingston! I hope you are able to find a good home for him ♥

                                      This was the response from this “organization”:
                                      well can you imagine having to pay the $600 it cost us to neuter, deworm,, give shots, feed and pay my $3050 hydro bill to help 44 dogs get homes and ONLY GET BACK $450? Seriously? Adoption fee so high? I have no penion, no vacations, no welfare or disability cheq to live off so fuck off

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